Disenchanted with ZFS; alternatives?

Dan dan-freebsd-questions at ourbrains.org
Tue Dec 2 14:04:27 PST 2008

Peter Giessel(pgiessel at mac.com)@2008.12.02 12:22:09 -0900:
> Please explain how DragonFly's lack of SMP affects the UP performance?
> Also, from an end user perspective, you can hardly get a computer
> these days that only has one core.  SMP performance is very relevant
> from that perspective.

So it is slower now, but it's just a matter of resources. Once someone
takes on the SMP it will get there. DragonFly is a small project vs.
FreeBSD. It needs developers.

Also FreeBSD doesn't seem to care for clustering. While significant work
has been done in DragonFly to build single image clustering on top.

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