Swapping to MMC (Was: To swap or not to swap)

michael michael.copeland at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 12:52:22 PST 2008

Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
>>>> The rule of thumb is 2.2 times memory size.
>>> why not 2.17?
>> Sounds good to me.    Takes one more character to type...
>> and both 2.2 and 2.17 is nonsense.
>> the only rule is use as much as needed
> It's fun watching you fellas argue about 0.03 thing.
> I put in your opinions in kinda pros or cons to swap in Asus Eee PC like following:
> Pros: 1) System requires swap. Period. 2) Swap may need size in range between 2.17 times to 2.22 time or whatever size it need. This is not prohibited by Eee's SSD size (4GB btw, 701 series).
> Cons: 1) Since SSD is manufactured have limited lifetime (around 100,000 times write operation or so, I read it somewhere), swapping to SSD is more likely not a wise thing to do.
> Two against one. I concurr that swap is needed. However since SSD in 701 series is not removable, having a bad sector in SSD is one thing you don't want to have.
> So the questions are, because Asus Eee have MMC reader built in, is it wise to swap to MMC?  Since MMC is presumably slower on write operation than SSD, isn't it become bottleneck for system performances? And what happened if FreeBSD kernel suddenly lose its swap file by absent-minded human? Is it going to be just angry or having massive heart attack?
> I might as well change the subject. There. 
> FYI I asked those questions because I don't have any MMC to play with. 
> In here 1GB MMC is about USD 5 or so. Not exactly expensive but it's late, I have to continue playing FreeBSD in Eee tommorrow.
> Thanks again for your opinions.
i have a very small machine with ssd drive, the write issue is pretty 
much null on the very newest ones.. but that is neither here nor there.
i'm using a high speed sd card for my swap and a couple other things, 
there is not drop in performance with, in fact, its reads /writes are 
faster than my hd.
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