To swap or not to swap

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On Tue, Dec 02, 2008 at 04:56:52PM +0000, Anthony M. Rasat wrote:

> Fellas, I need opinions. Asus Eee PC, SSD storage, 512MB RAM, with GNOME 
> and other desktop thingy (testing out of curiousity).
> Question is, swap or no swap? Remember, this is SSD, it is reasonable 
> to have no swap. However, what if I wanted OpenOffice? This beast is 
> memory hog AFAIK. Thanks for opinions.

First, please break your lines at around 70 characters.  It makes it much
easier to read and to respond.

Yes, have some swap.   The system uses this space for more than swapping
out processes.  It uses it for paging and for crash dumping.  The
rule of thumb is 2.2 times memory size.


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