Nvidia (Re: FreeBSD 7.0: which distribution)

Ott Köstner OttK at zzz.ee
Tue Dec 2 07:18:00 PST 2008

Johan Hendriks wrote:
>>> the only reason that people use FreeBSD/i386 on 64-bit processors is that
>>> some binary-only drivers are only availaboe for i386.
>> what kind of drivers would be missing for the amd64 distribution ???
> Nvidia!!!
I am one ot these folks, using 32-bit FreeBSD on my desktop, just 
because of Nvidia drivers.

Wanted to ask, maybe somebody here knows, is there any hope to expect 64 
bit Nvidia drivers in some reasonable future? What is the problem with 
Nvidia? Why they do not provide 64 bit drivers?


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