UFS partitioning

Pieter Donche Pieter.Donche at ua.ac.be
Tue Dec 2 02:53:37 PST 2008

On Tue, 2 Dec 2008, Polytropon wrote:

>    ad0 |-----------------------------------------------| the whole disk
>  ad0s1  \----------------------------------------------/ one slice
> ad0s1X   \--/\---/\-----/\-----/\-------/\------------/  partitions
>            a   b     d      e       f           g
>            /  swap  /tmp   /var    /usr       /home      mount point

OK this is clear..

>> a / 1Gb,
>> b swap,
>> d /root 20 Gb, (a /root partition is from an example of someone who
>> claims that at boot FreeBSD checks the partions in background except
>> for the / partition, by keeping / as small as possible, the time to
>> boot can be mimimized .. correct? but will /root ever be something
>> big ??)
> No no, / refers to "the root partition". One way of setting
> up partitions is just to have one partition (one root parttion)
> and put everything on it, including /tmp, /var, /usr and /home.

I know / is the "root partition", but /root is the home-directory of 
the user root (/etc/passwd: root:*:0:0:Charlie &:/root:/bin/csh). 
I doubt this will ever be needed to be large? If its not large
fsck neither will spend much time in it. So I guess it's just safe
not to make this a separate BSD-partiton ?

> Another philosophy is to create partitions designated to their
> further use, just as I mentioned it above.

Yes, but it's hard to find out what is best... I'm constantly
swinged between the one (/ including /tmp /var /usr) and the
other (all separate) option ...

>> this leaves 2420 Gb which is more than 2 Tb, so you can't put all
>> that in 1 filesystem h /home, you will need to split that in 2
>> BSD-paritions, but since you can't have more that 8 BSD-partitions
>> (highest BSD-partition letter is h), you need to give up at least
>> one of d, e, f, g. ... correct or not (then what)?
> I quite doubt that FreeBSD's UFS 2 cannot handle a 2 TB partition
> as a whole, but because I don't have sch large disks with UFS
> (I have ZFS for them), I cannot tell.

Anyone else can tell?

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