open multiple xterms with script

Aggelidis Nikos at
Tue Dec 2 00:07:48 PST 2008

hi to all the list,

i need some help... Is it possible to open four consoles as
root(authenticate yourself once), in each one run a specific program
and do this through a script? {bash or python).
i want to open 4 xterms in the four corners of the screen. In 3 xterms
i want to run specific applications needing root privileges and the
last i want it for administrative purposes.

what i have so far:

sudo xterm -e "path/to/application1" &
sudo xterm -e "path/to/application2" &
sudo xterm -e "path/to/application3" &
sudo xterm

But this approach has the following problems:

1) i have only managed to get it to work as sudo not su

2) i haven't managed to position the 4 terminals correctly
in the 4 corners of the screen

3) i want to be able to close and restart a single terminal.without
running again the whole script (this i am not sure if it is even
doable). For example if one of the applications hungs, then i want to
be able to restart this application, without running the whole script

thanks in advance for your help,

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