Reversing a ZFS mistake

Reinis Ivanovs dabas at
Mon Dec 1 17:02:36 PST 2008


It seems I've made a mistake using ZFS, and now my /usr/local/ is
empty. I wanted to create a snapshot of a directory inside of it, so I
ran "zfs create tank/usr/local" and "zfs create tank/usr/local/www" as
I had seen in the guides I'd been using. That worked, but the
filesystems created were empty. As I found out later, doing what I did
on Solaris would have created the filesystems but not mounted them,
but on FreeBSD they were mounted automatically, and the previous
contents hidden. The question now is, how do I get my files back? The
system is crippled without /usr/local/ and I can't unmount or destroy
it, because it says that the device is busy. Any help would be



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