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Mon Dec 1 11:00:40 PST 2008

On Mon, 01 Dec 2008 08:40:57 -0500, Bryant Eadon <bryant.eadon at> wrote:
> I've actually had this happen before.  Somewhere along the line either :
>    1.  your audio and mouse/keyboard cables are coming into close proximity to 
> one another.
>    or
>    2.  Your mouse/kb cable is very close to a specific speaker.

Number 2 is untypical. Using headphones or external speakers,
even an external (and distant) amplifier with speakers leads
to the same observation.

As it has mentioned before, this seems to be an effect of 
interferences either in the area of the connection cables
or within the computer (AF signal processing and amplification
gets interference signals from keyboard / mouse connections).

> The solution is to move your mouse cable away from your speakers/cables. 

But not if the problem is within the computer (read: the mainboard
and the expansion cards).

> I 
> guess you could shield it if you can't move it.   Tinfoil around only the one 
> cable at close proximity sections should do the trick.

Or the use of home-made shielded cables. :-)

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