RAID5 on FreeBSD 6 or 7

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Mon Dec 1 10:12:47 PST 2008

> However, as I said, gvinum is slow. I also run graid5 and some say it is pretty

same for me. it works and works fast.

but still - small writes WILL be slow as it's RAID5
because of this i don't have much uses for it, as in most cases today
drive's capacities are much larger than amount of data that has to be 

so i use gmirror most often

> stable. I've been running it for a year on a non-production server and it works
> for me, but haven't seen it in action, when a drive fails or something. It is

simply disconnect one drive to test.

> fast, though. See it's page on Wikipedia for more info. I'd use it more if it
> was part of official FreeBSD release, but for now it is only available as a
> patch (AFAIK).

which is strange. someone don't like RAID5 to be included in system?

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