Date/time installed ports have been updated on a system?

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Mon Dec 1 09:25:55 PST 2008

RW writes:

>  > Is there any way to determine when upgrades to installed ports have
>  > been done on a system? I did a "portupgrade -arR" recently and want to
>  > know which ports have been upgraded in that process (and no I didn't
>  > run that portupgrade under "script"...)
>  pkg_glob(1) can show package installed before or after either a time
>  or a particular port.

	One can also send the output to a file, and grep your chosen
ports or use "tail -f".
	I do not recommend doing this with "portupgrade -a" unless you
know the list will be fairly short.  (Imagine rebuilding OpenOffice,
KDE, Java, FireFox, ....)

				Robert Huff

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