Pasting via ssh causes data loss

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Mon Dec 1 06:14:25 PST 2008

Chris wrote:

> a cat >testfile then pasted through an ssh connection over
> satellite (very
> bad connection) into a FreeBSD 7.0 box I built in the last month. At

Btw. lousy connections don't come into this as SSH does HMAC checking on
the data - i.e. even if you somehow managed to loose parts of a TCP
stream in a way that's not detected by TCP (which is also practically
impossible), SSH will aditionally cryptographically make sure that what
is sent is what is received (if an error occurs, the connection will be

Either the sending part / terminal has problem or the receiving part /
terminal. Operating system, the network stack or the network quality
cannot cause the described behaviour.

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