Which FreeBSD is best for my PC?

Mister Olli mister.olli at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 1 04:44:42 PST 2008


> Which version and GUI will work best on the internet with my AT
> Pentium II 350MHz x86-based PC?  Some web sites require Flash Player 8
> or higher, and some require 128-bit encryption I think, but doesn't
> 40-bit encryption process data 3 times faster?  How many bit
> encryption is the various versions of FreeBSD?  Thanks.

Can't tell you about the freebsd version, but my personal favour for a
slim and really fast GUI is enlightenment...
from my knowledge it's designed and tested for machines of this power (I
read a note by one of the main developer that he's testing it on a
150MHz to see if it performs).

it's a little playtime to setup it up, since you can configure almost
everything. but it's really neet, has some nice eye-candy and is fast
too... my absolute favorite and it boosted my productivity (after 2
weeks of configuring&customizing) to a level no other GUI in this world
can give me...

but just my 2 cents ;-))


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