Which FreeBSD is best for my PC?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Mon Dec 1 03:19:27 PST 2008

>> We have a few oldies, just installed KDE 3.5 on a:
>> CPU: VIA Nehemiah (997.17-MHz 686-class CPU)
>>   Origin = "CentaurHauls"  Id = 0x698  Stepping = 8
> Oldie @ 1 GHz? You must be joking. I'd bite my hand off for
> such hardware. :-)

well most of machines i use are <1Ghz and <512MB RAM.

no need for mor.

>> That's pretty much as low as I'd go for normal desktop usage.
> For KDE? Yes, I do understand that. I would not even think about
> trying KDE or Gnome on a 300 MHz box. But desktop usage != KDE.

icewm is fast and good. just make your menu by hand.
and EVERYTHING can be configured well.

fvwm2 is my choice because even more things could be configured (read: 
removed) making my desktop usage more efficient.

no matter if you have 100Mhz of quad 3Ghz computer, removing things that
are not useful is good thing.

for example not using bloatware like KDE or Gnome or even xfce.

They LOOK cool, but are not productive.

contrary to windoze, window manager, "desktop" managers, all bells and 
whistles are NOT integral part of FreeBSD. it's just programs like 
everything else.

you have choice of what of them you run, or (like me) not at all.

my second computer at home is pentium 133 with 128MB RAM running without 
swap. and it works fast.

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