adding new disk to the system

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Sun Aug 31 15:57:45 UTC 2008

On Sun, 31 Aug 2008 17:44:55 +0200, Sasa Stupar <sasa at> wrote:
> Do I add new drive with standard procedure and just create a new mount
> point e.g. /newdrive or do I need to do something else?

Well, for your designated usage of the disk, take the easy way
(assumed ad6 to be the new disk, check "dmesg | grep ^ad"):

	# mkdir /exchange
	# newfs /dev/ad6
	# mount -t ufs /dev/ad6 /exchange

Pay attention to the access rights of /exchange. Put a line into
/etc/fstab to automount the disk at startup.

Yes, it is that easy. :-)

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