Vince Hoffman vince at unsane.co.uk
Sun Aug 31 10:14:41 UTC 2008

d c wrote:
> I have used /usr/ports/net/pptpclient/ as long as I remember.  I just setup a new 7.0 Desktop and installed the port.  When I run pptp x.x.x.x I get:
> /bin/ip: not found
> /bin/ip: not found
> Loading /lib/libalias_cuseeme.so
> Loading /lib/libalias_ftp.so
> Loading /lib/libalias_irc.so
> Loading /lib/libalias_nbt.so
> Loading /lib/libalias_pptp.so
> Loading /lib/libalias_skinny.so
> Loading /lib/libalias_smedia.so

Bit odd this, it seems to have the linux command ip (from the iproute2 
package) hard coded.

routing.c:  snprintf(buf, 255, "/bin/ip route get %s", ip);
routing.c:  snprintf(buf, 255, "/bin/ip route replace %s", route);
routing.c:  snprintf(buf, 255, "/bin/ip route delete %s", route);

Not knowing the output format of the linux commands off hand I'm not 
sure if you could just replace them with /sbin/route or not, although 
freebsd route doesnt have a replace command that i know of.
the cvsweb page at 
isnt responding so I couldnt tell you how it used to do it assuming its 
changed recently.
  Its probably worth your while asking the maintainer or filing a PR.

> I searched for /bin/ip and could not find it nor could I find "ip" anywhere in the file system.
nope its a linuxism, doesnt exist in freebsd, for routing we use route.

> man ip brings up info but it looks like it is not a bin but a structure used in c??? not too sure about that.

> Has anyone ran across this?  Is there an alternate instead of ip?  Perhaps I can hack it into the source.

I would probably suggest using mpd (/usr/ports/net/mpd5) myself, its 
very well supported on freebsd and although it does way more than you 
need its pretty simple to setup, (the sample mpd.conf has an example 
pptp_client you can adapt.)

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