Ports and 64-bit Processors

sergio lenzi lenzi at k1.com.br
Fri Aug 29 15:35:44 UTC 2008

Em Sex, 2008-08-29 às 10:57 -0400, Bill Moran escreveu:

> In response to "FreeBSD Questions" <ml.freebsd.questions at gmail.com>:
> > FreeBSD has supported 64-bit architectures for a while now...  Alpha
> > and UltraSPARC come to mind--even if Alpha is no longer a Tier 1
> > architecture.  I'm surprised to hear so many of you say that certain
> > ports are broken on AMD64.  I would think if they worked on other
> > 64-bit processors they'd work on AMD64.  Were the ports that are
> > broken on AMD64 also broken on those other architectures, too?
> Most of the ports I've had problems with are desktop applications.
> Stuff that doesn't often get installed/used on 64 bit.  It's been a
> while since we've tried (about 1 year) but Gnome was pretty unstable
> on 64 bit at the time.

I have had good experiences with gnome 2.22 and amd64 in produtcion
running on dell poweredge with  4core cpus (4 logical processors) 2Gb of
120 users using gnome, evolution, openoffice-3, epiphany, pidgin,
java... postgres
servers and a callcenter dial apllication, that needs an asterisk 1.4.21
(on 64 bit too...)
runs about 24X7 the machine have somestimes 1200 process running full
alll the clients are thin clients (amd geode, 32 bits, 64mb)... 100
mbits ethernet....
with NO Backup...  uptime is 38 days....  Yes... it needs more memory...
last pid: 65631;  load averages:  0.89,  1.04,  1.07   up 38+05:23:12
824 processes: 1 running, 814 sleeping, 9 stopped
CPU states:  2.8% user,  0.0% nice,  1.0% system,  0.5% interrupt, 95.7%
Mem: 1147M Active, 100M Inact, 601M Wired, 92M Cache, 213M Buf, 12M Free
Swap: 8192M Total, 1955M Used, 6237M Free, 23% Inuse, 12K In
we use it in our notebooks too (dell, acer, hp...) several ones about
20...   64 bits amd64
running on amd hardware or D series intel... 

The 32 bit version we use on the geode hardware..  but stays in the 64
bit machine exported
in a nfs... 

Runs fine...


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