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Marcel Grandemange wrote:
> I have an interesting situation.
> I have a windows based sms server, this machine works in the following way.
> It watches a shared directory for txt files that must be formatted in
> certain way and periodically sends them off to mobile.
> What I want to do is create a SMTP to SMS gateway.
> Easy in theory!
> Rite a script to map shared drive, ensure it's connected and write the txt
> files in dir.
> However the second part I have no idea, somehow I need to watch the mbox
> file of say a e-mail account called "test"
> And IF a mail arrives parse it look for a security key if exists convert to
> txt file and copy to shared dir.

Hi Marcel,

Do you have a FreeBSD machine in the mix somewhere?  If so, this sounds
 like a job for procmail:

Using procmail, you can create a script to process incoming emails and
process/reformat them as you see fit.

Best regards,
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