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Thu Aug 28 23:06:00 UTC 2008

> Hello All,
> I am building a fileserver to store ripped movies, cds, etc on, to be
> used also as a home media center connected to tv. i'm going to use 1TB
> drives and was wondering if i should stick with ufs, or migrate to zfs.
> i've read about the zfs many times on the freebsd wiki, and it seems
> like a good choice. looking for pros and cons of each.
> thanks,
> Michael
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Hi Michael

I personally would consider zfs on freeBSD as unstable/experimental on
everything apart from AMD64's with loads of RAM to spare.  I have tried tuning
as per wiki on sparc64 and i386 compatible servers but still hit problems and
erratic kernel hangs.  My advise -- stick to UFS wrapped in goem goodness.


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