Network Card issues logging and aMule

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Thu Aug 28 21:25:18 UTC 2008

Hi everyone
I am currently using Marvell Yukon's 88E8053 Network card and after a few
searches on google, i noticed that this card has a few issues. Fortunately,
I could use the network card without the need to do any manual labor.
However, I noticed that the network card crashes after perhaps 72 hours of
moderate to intense workload.

This has happened during the middle of scp, aMule downloading and many other
different types of application so I don't think that this is related to any
programs in general. 

I would like to know how I could log the activities of my network card or at
least be able to find out how I could diagnose this problem. What are the
steps that I should do?

Second, my aMule crashes unexpectedly after a couple of days. This causes me
to lose all my connections and queues so I am wondering whether there is a
method to diagnose this since the log file generated by amule under ~/.aMule
(logfile and logfile.bak) normally doesn't tell you much about it.

Thank you 
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