Help! Tape drive resets the server!

Kirk Strauser kirk at
Thu Aug 28 14:32:15 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 27 August 2008 14:53:44 Tyson Boellstorff wrote:

> 3) Yes, it's possible that your drive is doing this, but more likely you
> have a bent pin/short somewhere causing the scsi bus to reset, and your
> kernel isn't handling this nicely. Check your pins. They bend easy, but a
> mechanical pencil with no lead in it can help you with that.

Interesting idea.  I'll check that next time I power down.

> 4) Is your termination auto or physical?


> 5) Is the tape drive manually jumped for a specific ID? I assume that it is
> set for 3. Try 4.

Seriously?  I mean, I certainly don't mind trying it and it wouldn't be any 
harder than pulling the cable to check the pins, but what's your line of 
thinking here?

> 6) Try a slower transfer rate.

Last night I bumped it down from 40MB/s to 20MB/s, disabled tagged queueing 
(which the adapter had enabled by default), and moved it to a different power 
lead.  So far so good, but 24 hours does not my confidence earn.  Thanks for 
the tips!  If it's still acting wonky, I'll work through them.
Kirk Strauser

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