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Dan Nelson dnelson at
Wed Aug 27 15:34:17 UTC 2008

In the last episode (Aug 27), jef moskot said:
> We just upgraded to a new server (FreeBSD 7.0) and in our passwd file
> is the user "messagebus" (there's also a group).
> What's this for and can the UID be changed?  It's got the same number
> as one of our oldest users and we're trying to determine which UID
> would be easier to switch.
> While this obviously has something to do with D-BUS (whatever that
> is), it's nothing we installed "on purpose".  If it's not a part of
> the default system, it probably got bundled in as a dependency during
> an large port make.

You should be able to change its uid by deinstalling dbus, then editing
/usr/ports/devel/dbus/pkg-install, changing the uid in that script
to an unused ID, and reinstalling.

All the userids created by ports should be listed in /usr/ports/UIDs
and GIDs, so you can check to see if any other ports might conflict
with existing users.  Unfortunately, the ports themselves don't use
those files during the install, so you can't just edit that and be
done.  You have to fix each port individually.

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