Possible hardware damaging bug with halt/reboot!

Pietro Cerutti gahr at FreeBSD.org
Wed Aug 27 10:08:22 UTC 2008

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Christopher Joyner wrote:
| I think this thing could break my fan if I left it running.
| The fan gets fast, really fast.  Sounds like it's running faster than
it can handle.
| This is using the halt command, during the message that say's,
| HALTED, PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT.  (not actual message)
| I am still looking in the source code hunting for this.
| I decided it was best to report now.
| I have not seen the loop, but adding sleep(1) in the halt loop, such
as a while loop,
| I think that would make it easier on the cpu.  However I do not know
how it works, because I have not seen that source code.

It's at sys/kern/tty_cons.c , line 586 and around.

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This problem of yours is not related to FreeBSD. Google for "psychosis".

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