Turn off serial console on boot

Chris St Denis chris at smartt.com
Tue Aug 26 20:41:50 UTC 2008

ben at electricembers.net wrote:
>> I have some servers with IPMI that allow me to have a serial console. 
>> I have setup a serial console config on my servers and it seems to 
>> work reasonably well in remote emergencies, but causes serious 
>> problems if I ever have to use the real console.
>> It means that I can't use single user mode from the real console and 
>> I can't see most boot errors.
>> Is there a way I can turn off the console redirection from the 
>> physical console interactively on startup?
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/books/handbook/serialconsole-setup.html
> We put -P in /boot.config so that if a keyboard is detected then the 
> screen is the console. No keyboard means serial console.
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This server does not have a ps2 port (USB only). Is there any other way?

It's quite a pain to have to boot off an install disk and rename the 
boot.config file if I need to get into single user mode. Especially 
since this server takes about 5 minutes to POST.

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