For this hardware amd64, ia64 or i386 to install?

Oliver Fromme olli at
Tue Aug 26 12:46:22 UTC 2008

VeeJay <> wrote:
 > For following hardware, I am wonderting that which Freebsd amd64, ia64 or
 > i386 to install?
 > Hardware:
 > Dell PowerEdge 2950 III having 2 x CPU 3,0 GHz Intel Xeon L5450 Quad-Core
 > 2x6MB cache WITH 16 GB RAM.
 > Tools:
 > 1. FreeBSD 7 Production Release
 > 2. Apache 2.2.9
 > 3. MySQL 5.1.26
 > 4. PHP 5.2.6

Clearly amd64.

The ia64 port wouldn't run on your hardware at all, because
it is for the Itanium/Merced platforms.  The i386 port would
run, but it's only 2bit so it wouldn't be able to use all of
your RAM (unless you enable the PAE option which as its own
set of problems).  Also, MySQL runs faster when compiled for

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