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Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at
Mon Aug 25 18:12:46 UTC 2008

On Aug 25, 2008, at 12:49 AM, Matthew Seaman wrote:

> Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:
>> In the old days, if one MTA couldn't reach another it would hold  
>> stuff in its queue for four or five days.  Now, most MTAs appear to  
>> be configured to give up after 24 hours.
> In which case those mail systems are not in compliance with the RFCs.
> RFC 2821 Section says:
>  Retries continue until the message is transmitted or the sender gives
>  up; the give-up time generally needs to be at least 4-5 days.  The
>  parameters to the retry algorithm MUST be configurable.

Thanks for that.  I will point that out to the appropriate postmasters  
the next time I see delivery attempts give up before this.  Not that  
it will do much good, but I will try.

I wonder whether has a category for this.  Hold  
on ... Nope.  They don't have this category of (2)821 violation.

The original poster may wish to take a look at to  
make sure that they feel confident that they can run an Internet- 
friendly mailserver.



Jeffrey Goldberg              

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