Cloning a gmirrored hard drive

Christopher Cowart ccowart at
Mon Aug 25 17:11:39 UTC 2008

Sasa Stupar wrote:
> My situation: I have a server with FBSD 7 installed with two 40 GB disks
> in RAID 1 (gmirror) config.
> Now I have noticed the lack of space on the drive so I am thinking to
> change these disks for two 160 GB.
> What is the best way to clone the main hard disk in raid 1 config? Is
> this possible or is it better to switch back from RAID 1 to single disk
> system and then do cloning with dump/restore (or dd) and then make RAID
> 1 again?

I use a variation of this guide[1] when I'm setting up gmirror.

The last time I increased the size of the array, I removed one drive
from the array (gmirror remove). I rebooted with the bigger drive. I
created /dev/mirror/gm1 with the new drive. I followed the dump/restore
steps from the guide, switching up the logic a little bit. I then booted
the system from the new, larger mirror (gm1) with the other large disk
inserted, and did a `gmirror insert'.

In the process of building the new mirror on gm1, I made bigger labels
in the labeling step for the ones that were filling up.


Chris Cowart
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Network & Infrastructure Services, RSSP-IT
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