TECRA_A9-S9017 -- /usr/src/UPDATING -- Machine is down.

freebsd_user at guice.ath.cx freebsd_user at guice.ath.cx
Mon Aug 25 12:15:42 UTC 2008

	The short version is, the machine will not enter multi-user mode after we followed the instructions or directions within /usr/src/UPDATING . the SECTION entitled:

To upgrade in-place from 4.x-stable to 5.x
While we are able to enter single-user mode with no apparent issues, attempting to enter multi-user mode yields the following:

<date> init can't exec getty '/usr/libexec/getty' for port /dev/ttyv0:

The above line takes place for all the ttyv's listed in /etc/ttys.  We've checked the entries in /etc/ttys as-well-as checked to be sure /usr/libexec/getty was in fact in its proper place with correct permissions.

Because this upgrade went sideways we are only soliciting help to reboot into multi-user mode to retrieve the data which our level.0/9 dump(s) failed to get .thereafter we'll do a fresh install and return this machine to service.

What can we do at this point to accomplish our goal of booting in to multi-user mode?

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