Realtek RTL8111C and re(4) driver

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Sun Aug 24 23:26:02 UTC 2008

If you can use a 6.3 version, realtek has release some drivers.
Unfortunately, those drivers aren't working with the version 7 (I test it
with FreeNAS under FreeBSD version 6.3 and 7).
With version 7 the driver recognize the NIC but its unusable (can't assign
an IP address).

Here is a link to the latest driver:

2008/8/24 cpghost <cpghost at>

I'm about to get an MSI K9A2GM-FIH mobo with an on-board Realtek
RTL8111C GigE adapter (I've picked that because the on-board Radeon HD
3200 RS780 chip seems supported by the radeon(4x) xorg driver).

Unfortunately, I (wrongly) assumed that the RTL8111C would be
supported by the rl(4) or re(4) driver, and noticed a bit too late

So the question: has anyone with an RTL8111C actually tried the
patches from this PR on RELENG_7? All I need for now is 100Mbit/s
Ethernet with no frills (no offloading etc...), and I'd rather not
sacrifice one PCI slot for an extra NIC if at all possible.


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