Security problems, I think I have a hacker attacker.

Polytropon freebsd at
Sun Aug 24 17:31:27 UTC 2008

On Sun, 24 Aug 2008 07:39:30 +0000, "Christopher Joyner" <chris29wjoyner at> wrote:
> I think someone is attempting to get into my system.
> Here is my details:  There are 2 login failuers on ttyv0,
> And also 2 login failers on ttyv0 root.
> I did not try login in on that terminal.  Are they able to try to do it away
> from my computer, from a remote location?

As far as I know, /dev/ttyv* are the local virtual consoles.
SSH login attempts would be on /dev/ttyp*. So if you're sure
it's on ttyv0, this is your system / primary console (first
virtual console) which needs physical access to be used. But
I'm sure there would be a strange way to pass something from
or to /dev/ttyv0 using... redirection maybe?

Are you sure that nobody tried to use your computer physically?

> Can someone tell me how to turn off the broadcast option for my lan, if it's
> possible.  I think a server named chill is attacking me.

Where did you get this evidence from?

Check /var/log/auth.log and /var/log/xfer.log and /var/log/ftpd.log
(if you're running FTP services).

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