XFree86 instead of Xorg?

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Sun Aug 24 16:15:10 UTC 2008

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David Gurvich wrote:
> Using Xfree86 is possible but may require much manual configuration.  I
> also have problems with firefox and claws-mail in windowmaker & icewm,
> but not in kde3 or kde4.  I suspect there is a library path issue.

I was doing some experimentation, so I downloaded the xfree86 code to look it
over.  I was interested, so I went ahead and made the very minimal changes I
wanted in the site.def (I dislike FreeBSD's default of having X installed into
/usr/local) and it built perfectly well.  It actually took significantly less
time to compile than Xorg (the build.sh method I used with Xorg does all that
autoconf stuff, takes forever).  There are probably faster methods to use for
the Xorg build, like, they support jhbuild.  Xfree86 only supports imake, which
is pretty fast, but a lot of folks find it hard to understand.  I understand
imake, but can't really track the jhbuild.

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