Unable to access certain sites from FreeBSD 6.2

alasdair at iprimus.com.au alasdair at iprimus.com.au
Fri Aug 22 13:12:05 UTC 2008

Thanks Norberto,
Makes sense to do it the other way round.  If I could indulge your generosity
and knowledge, one thing is puzzling me, why do I not have this problem when
I am running Win XP on the same machine (dual boot with FreeBSD) using all
the same hardware. Or when running NetBSD on my desktop machine but with
the same network. Seems strange that FreeBSD, which generally works really
well out of the box, cannot 'just deal' with this problem. I realise that
it is not FreeBSD's problem per se, but a badly configured router somewhere
'out there', just seems that it must be common enough for some part of the
OS to handle it without needing any tweaking. FreeBSD seems great, I am in
the process of migrating from NetBSD so am quite used to configuring as necessary,
does FreeBSD 7 encounter this situation?



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>Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 00:19:06 +1000
>From: Norberto Meijome <freebsd at meijome.net>
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>Subject: Re: Unable to access certain sites from FreeBSD 6.2
>On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 23:18:26 +1000
>alasdair at iprimus.com.au wrote:
>> I realised I am not running ipfw my firewall is run from my Netggear router.
>> So I imagine I would set the divert rule there? (If that is possible).
>> So it would look like this
>> Outside-> Modem -> Router (divert to 9999) -> tcpmssd on 9999
>i doubt v much u can do that on the netgear... you actually want to push
>traffic the other way around
>{your process} -> {your net stack} -> divert tcp/9999 -> tcpmssd -> original
>destination ...
>whether your router will like that, i have no idea. we used to run shdsl
>with the router in bridged mode....
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