X11 tunnel over ssh and then rsh

Nikos Vassiliadis nvass at teledomenet.gr
Fri Aug 22 10:24:14 UTC 2008

On Friday 22 August 2008 13:10:29 Roberto Nunnari wrote:
> >> Automatically? No.
> >> You can however use ssh to create generic TCP tunnels, using
> >> -R and -L. But this is much more complicated than remembering
> >> a DISPLAY variable.
> Wait! I found a possible workaround.. it seams that setting
> X11UseLocalhost = no
> on sshd_config tell sshd to bind the X11 forwarding server
> to the wildcard address..

Aha that seems to do the job.

Oddly enough OpenSSH supports selffootshooting :)
Didn't expect it to...

Cheers, Nikos

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