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Matthias Apitz matthias.apitz at
Fri Aug 22 05:44:33 UTC 2008

El día Thursday, August 21, 2008 a las 11:08:21AM -0400, Robe escribió:

> Hi there,
> I wanna install Open Office through pkg_add because I've a slow band width.
> But I can't find it in the ports collection.
> In they say I can install it by typing this "pkg_add -r
>". But I don't know how to configure pkg_add or fetch to
> download the package from
> I wanna install Open Office 3-RC if possible.
> Can somebody help me with this?
> Thanx,
> -- 
> Robe.
> ¿Es el hombre sólo un fallo de Dios, o Dios sólo un fallo del hombre?


I could provide you with the package
(and its dependencies), this is the Spanish compiled Version of the
acutual port

Si miro tu firma, puede que te interese.

Please contact me off-list if you're interested;

Matthias Apitz
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