Problem with firefox3

Warren Block wblock at
Wed Aug 20 23:39:30 UTC 2008

On Wed, 20 Aug 2008, Mitja wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 August 2008 07:09:29 Albert Shih wrote:
>> I've some problem with firefox3, I would like to known if it's me or they
>> are other user to have same problem.
>> Sometime when I want to some website (very classic site) I loose every
>> images, other time I've got something unreadable.
> Same here: FreeBSD 7.0, KDE 3.5, Radeon 9000... Firefox 2 works very good.
> I had problems with plugins on Firefox 3 too.

Here's a bug report:

And here's another:

The second suggests adding

     Option "XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps"

in xorg.conf like this:

Section "Screen"
         Identifier "Screen0"
         Device     "Card0"
         Monitor    "Monitor0"
         Option     "XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps"

An alternate might be switching to AccelMethod EXA.

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