Impressions of kde-4.1

David Gurvich david.gurvich at
Wed Aug 20 21:16:27 UTC 2008

I've installed the kde4 packages for freebsd-7-stable and the only
program that I've tested that doesn't work is konqueror, that has
problems with speed and stability, terminal emulator does not work,
and leaves zombie processing to take up memory.  I noticed 10 konqueror
processes after having closed the last konqueror window about 20
minutes before.

Has anyone noticed that the longer kde4 runs the slower it gets?  I
don't mean a little slower, I mean like the difference between
windowmaker and kde startup.  That may have something to do with the
machine I've done this on, a thinkpad T23 with 1GB ram.

Finally, kde4 looks nice but I don't see anything I would change from
kde3 for, though fonts do look better to me than in kde3.  This may
change if the speed improves.  If all other aspects are equal I like
having better looking desktop.

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