Loss of Internet Contivity

Michael Powell nightrecon at verizon.net
Wed Aug 20 19:00:49 UTC 2008

Warren Liddell wrote:

>>The attachment shows that DNS is unable to find the IP address.  This
>>appears to be a DNS resolver issue, not a network issue.  Check
>>/etc/ resolv.conf and make sure its correct.  Then check the indicated DNS
>>servers using dig.
> such a simple thing i didnit even think to check and it solved my
> problem, it would seem the static DNS entries in my router are being
> added into the resolv.conf file as nameservers and ironically as soon
> as i del those entries i had internet traffic restored.

If you are getting this assigned by DHCP from your router, it can be
controlled with /etc/dhclient.conf. Typically most of the settings do not
require alteration, but maybe an item or two needs a tweak. Placing these
into dhclient.conf can either override or adjust, as needed.

This is an example from my pf/gateway box which gets all it's external NIC
settings by DHCP from my DSL modem. I wanted this box to use it's own DNS
server, as do the other boxen on the LAN, instead of the one in the DSL

interface "rl0" {
        send dhcp-client-identifier 00:0e:2e:6d:17:54;
        prepend domain-name-servers;


There are many other settings, man dhclient.conf and man dhcp-options for
more details.


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