Problem with firefox3

Rolf G Nielsen listreader at
Wed Aug 20 14:51:44 UTC 2008

Albert Shih wrote:
> Hi all
> I've some problem with firefox3, I would like to known if it's me or they
> are other user to have same problem.
> Sometime when I want to some website (very classic site) I loose every
> images, other time I've got something unreadable.
> Anyone have this kind of problem ? 
> All my ports is up2date.
> Regards.

I experienced the same problems. Mainly with sites using frames, but 
occasionally with non-framed sites too. I got tired of it, and 
downgraded to firefox 2. Perhaps there is some tweak that fixes it, but 
I tried changing every setting without luck. So, I'd bet my money on 
firefox 2 for the time being.


Rolf Nielsen

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