Migrating to gmirrored RAID1

Henry Karpatskij henkka at spheroid.fi
Wed Aug 20 08:39:57 UTC 2008

On 20.8.2008, at 10.48, DA Forsyth wrote:

> Good for you.  I see I'm a bit late coming in with my advice, which
> is to follow the instructions at
> http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/bsd/2005/11/10/FreeBSD_Basics.html?page=1
> with a few mods because you (and I) were not building a new machine.

This is the one I basically followed - I read both that one and the  
freebsddiary one. I decided to reinstall the server though, because I  
was any way going to reinstall world and lots of packages were  
outdated as well. Dumping and restoring would've worked as well, I  

> One thing with gmirror is that it won't like to suffer repeated power
> failures.  If the time between failures is less than the time it
> takes to rebuild the mirror the mirror will break and require manual
> fsck and then a rebuild.  This happened to my test server a few weeks
> back but today I get to install a UPS for it so this should not
> happen again.

OK, good to know. Luckily I have a small UPS which should provide five  
to ten minutes of full power. In Finland the power cuts are quite rare  
and usually measured in mere seconds than minutes, so it's sufficient  
most of the time and if not, apcupsd shuts the server down after few  
minutes if something bigger happens.

Henry Karpatskij

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