Best SMTP Gateway Program and Reporting Tools

Robby Balona robby at
Tue Aug 19 13:02:14 UTC 2008

Steve Bertrand wrote:
> Robby Balona wrote:
>> I love qmail also.. but didn't do well under heavy smtp load in my 
>> environment. I put qmail +vpopmail + qmailadmin 
>> +clamav+dovecot+spamassasin + assap +squirrelmail together. 
> I use Qmail on almost all of our SMTP servers. On the ones that only 
> house a couple hundred email addresses, your setup works flawlessly in 
> our environment.
> On the boxes with 10k+ email accounts, I do away with all of the 
> filtering stuff, and front-end the Qmail/Vpopmail boxes with third 
> party appliances.
> From what I can tell, it's the filtering processes that are the 
> bottleneck under heavy load. Take them out of the equation and load is 
> no longer an issue.
> Just my .02.
> Steve
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Yep you are right , spamassasin's perl munched up processors and created 
havoc .

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