Still, no-joy with kdm......

Michel Talon talon at
Tue Aug 19 10:58:02 UTC 2008

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Im looking at the kdmrc file but don't see anything wrong.
>	Any ideas where to llook next?


i had recently a problem with kdm myself. Running kdm-bin under ktrace
i discovered it was a locking problem. Something changed about locks
in FreeBSD-Stable, and this killed some programs (tin, mutt, kdm, etc.)
who do locking. I recompiled tin,mutt, etc. but i did not want to
recompile kdebase, so i took a kdebase package from FreBSD-7.0-RELEASE
and extracted the kdm-bin out of here. It works on my FreeBSD-STABLE
box without problem.


Michel TALON

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