Kopete, kplayer, kdelibs etc

Manolis Kiagias sonic2000gr at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 09:22:22 UTC 2008

Warren Liddell wrote:
> I know there ar eknown issues about kopete and it being able to 
> connect to MSN & Yahoo, im runnind KDE4 on AMD64 FreeBSD7.0-STABLE .. 
> cvsupd today so all ports & SRC are upto date portupgrade done and yet 
> kopete still refuses to connect to MSN or yahoo .. is the bug still on 
> going or ?
> Since upgrading to KDE4 as well, kplayer refuses to run and i have had 
> to goto VLC player to be able to watch vide files ... any reason why 
> this would refuse to load ?
> When trying to re-compile things like Xchat and other various files 
> that seem to be broken, i run into troubles with an error 
> saying/mentioning kdelibs and QT .. excat error i couldnt say as i 
> have now also lost complete internet access on the machine even though 
> still able to communicate with the router and all other machines 
> ironically running windows, seem to be running aok, so im trying to 
> kill multiple birds using memory and booting from windows to FreeBSD etc
> At this point im frustrated enough to just fdisk the machine, and 
> isntall everything from scratch with 7.0-STABLE & KDE4 .. so i ask for 
> a lil assistance plz so as i can avoid having to do this drastic measure.

Maybe a long shot, but do you also have KDE3.5x installed on this machine?
While KDE4 and KDE3.5x can coexist, you have to make sure that 
/usr/local/kde4/bin is in your path *before* /usr/local/bin.  Otherwise 
you may get to run a "mixed" system with some files coming from kde4 and 
others from 3.5, causing very weird problems (which I faced recently).

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