Still, no-joy with kdm......

Gary Kline kline at
Tue Aug 19 02:02:20 UTC 2008

On Mon August 18 2008 17:26:10 Martin Tournoij wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 04:43:23PM -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
> > 	Guys,
> >
> > 	Im looking at the kdmrc file but don't see anything wrong.
> > 	Any ideas where to llook next?
> >
> > 	gary
> >
> > 	PS: what is the startup for exec'ing gnome??
> I can't see anything wrong with your kdmrc file either ... In fact, I can't
> see your kdmrc file at all ...
p0 17:59 <tao> [5030] locate kdmrc          
/usr/local/share/con fig/kdm/kdmrc

which is a general collection of miscellaneous X* that have been clumped 
together in the /usr/local/share/con fig/kdm directory.  This file is 
mentioned each time I try to exec kdm [as root].  This has been an ongoing 
discussion in recent days since the typical results state that kdm cannot 
create in /var/run.   

The only work-around is to logging as root from consonsole, then su kline, 
then type % startup.  After several moments my usual KDM is all there.  

> You should really post more information, at the very least:
> o What exactly you are trying to accomplish.
> o Your kdmrc file.

Everyone who had kde3 had this file; it is very long; posting it would burn 
more than 20K of bandwidth per listmember.  It is 0644, and text, so putting 
in trace is a no-go.

> o What exactly isn't working.

Well, according to the kdm binary, I can't create /var/run/  But since 
a zer-length file is created, I think the problem is earlier.  It may be, 
e.g., that the binary cannot be completed.  
> o The error message, if any (full, copied exactly).

I don't know exactly how much good that would do, assuming that I 
*could* do a ``# kdm >2&1>/tmp/message.  

> o What you have already tried to solve the problem.

Massively removed every socket from ~/.  and /tmp/.  , plus, of course rm'ing 
the zer-len file.

> o The version of software (FreeBSD, KDM, KDE, etc.).

7.0 rev 3, upgraded in March.  I did a complete ports upgrade this morning;
then a reboot.  Nada.  kdm still can write is pid into


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