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Mon Aug 18 21:31:40 UTC 2008

I you are correct and the thought had crossed my mind. In the event of a
system failure it would be nice to have one hanging there in the system.
I might add that these systems are in locked server rooms. 

I had planned on doing over the wire backups 1 per day over our wide
area back to our main office and wanted to minimize bandwidth usage. My
thoughts were to back up the config and logs once daily over the wire
and to the USB drive every 3 hours or so.

However, I am aware that the drives have limited writes and they would
need to be replace every once and a while.

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On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 04:21:41PM -0400, Brian Miller wrote:
> Not a big deal. I will be sure to just mount and dismount the USB
> manually. They are just there to store a config and log backup on the
> firewall.

If an attacker has gained access to the system, anything mounted locally
should be deemed unreliable.

> I am doing this so that if I have a failure or attack or some
> other type of crash. I will be able to check out the latest config and
> logs.

I suppose that you know that you can use syslogd to log to another
machine? And you could use logger(1) to read config files into the log.

That would be much safer because it's a one-way street. You can log to
another machine, but you cannot delete from the logfile on the other
machine, unless it's compromised as well.

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