LDAP + Samba

Joze Volf joze at ilab.si
Mon Aug 18 09:07:41 UTC 2008

Great document: http://www.kernel-panic.it/openbsd/pdc

With slight modifications, you can use it on freebsd.

Major differences:
- you can use bdb as openldap backend db
- slpad running as ldap user
- paths (/usr/local/etc)


Joze Volf
iLab d.o.o.

Ruel Luchavez wrote:
> Hi List,
> Is there any tutorial or even an idea how to install LDAP + Samba in
> Freebsd?
> I've been searching in google for almost half day but i can't find any
> relevant tutorial.
> So, decided just to read a books...
> Do you have some tutorials guys? Thanks.
> FreeBSD Rock...
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