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Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Mon Aug 18 02:38:53 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-08-17 at 20:17 -0400, Michael Powell wrote:
> Gary Kline wrote:
> [snip]
> > 
> > the err message is gone, but KDE creates an /rmpty kdm.pid and
> > does nothing.
> This is not good. The file should contain a number.
> [snip]
> It would also be helpful to know how you are trying to run KDE. There are
> two ways, the first being to have a line like: 
> ttyv8 "/usr/local/bin/kdm -nodaemon" xterm on secure
> in /etc/ttys which starts kdm as a graphical login at boot. The other is to
> boot and login as user, then do the "startx" command which needs "startkde"
> to be in .xinitrc and/or .xsession in your Home directory.
i do not have KDE start by /etc/ttys; i start it as root via kdm.

i just tried startxx and have my KDE env back up.  i have many many more
spps that i had thought; will axe most.

the thing of note is that as root, startx splat a screen full of X11
errors that
prob'ly are meaningful to X11 wizards.  it looked like there were two or
more illegal actions...  

is there any way of my capturing the output and posting it to the list ?

> > Nothing else; what else neeeds cleaning?
> Not sure what got munged with your power glitch, but a couple of times in
> the past when I've had trouble getting KDE to start I would login as root
> (or su) without X running and delete some stuff. Look in your user home
> directory for something like .DCOPserver_hostname_:0; there will be two -
> one is a link to the other. Delete both of these and delete the
> ksocket-yourusername folder in /tmp.
> Also while in /tmp look for .X0-lock and delete. Look for the
> folders .ICE-unix and .X11-unix and delete all the sockets you find in
> these two folders. Make note both of these folders should have the sticky
> bit set. Also delete the /var/run/kdm.pid again like before.
> This is how I've gotten KDE to start in the past after an "uh-oh". It also
> may not pertain to your particular situation. One thing you can do to
> troubleshoot X if you are using "startx" (ie not starting kdm at login with
> the ttys line above) is to have an empty .xinitrc and/or .xsession. Then
> when you run X the twm window manager should come up, as it is the default
> for X. This way you can drive a wedge between "Is it an X problem or a KDE
> problem?"
> o
xdm by itsekf brings up root; startx with startkde brings up kde.  For
reasons beyond me, kdm balks at creating /var/run/kdm.pid.  

Oh, and since I did a complete portupgrade recently, I did an X
-configure and am now using the new xorg.conf.

thanks much.

time to call it a century!


> Good luck and I hope you get it going.
> -Mike
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