FreeBSD 7-STABLE +Gnome +Compiz-Fusion?

Novembre novembre at
Mon Aug 18 01:57:35 UTC 2008

Manolis Kiagias <sonic2000gr <at>> writes:

> Well, the article is right to the point that you will not install nvidia 
> drivers on an ATI card ;)
> However as I understand 3D support in ATI is a hit and miss even in 
> Linux (and ATI's proprietary driver is awful).
> The xorg.conf settings in the article have only been tested with nvidia, 
> and may need some adjustment for other 3D capable cards. I've been told 
> they don't work with Intel, but will investigate this on my eeePC soon.
> As for your ATI, a quick search shows that 3D with AIGLX is supported by 
> the open source drivers in X300. I've found several xorg.conf samples, 
> so it is probably a matter of doing a bit of research. If you do find 
> the "magic line" that makes it work, I would be glad to hear about it 
> and add it to the article.
> Thanks,
> Manolis


I have posted a solution which works for my Intel 965G card on the x11 list in
June. Here's the link:

Hope it helps you in updating your guide, which is a great help for the FreeBSD
people. Many thanks :)

- Novembre

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