USB Drive Reliability

Jason C. Wells jcw at
Mon Aug 18 00:36:34 UTC 2008

Wojciech Puchar wrote:

>> I am running FreeBSD 6.3.  I have found that attaching and detaching 
>> USB drives to my box is unreliable. Is this the experience of other 
>> users?

> something more precise please?

I realize that this is primarily a tech support forum. I wasn't asking 
for a solution to the problem.  I was asking for other peoples 
experiences. If the USB support in FreeBSD was spotty according to other 
people, as has been reported, then I plan to not even try to work on it 
more until I install 7.1.

Just for the record:

- crashes the system on attachment
- crashes the system on detachment
- the system hangs on attachment but resumes responding if you pull the 
- installing the drive results in the little blue light coming on with 
dmesg reporting attachment, but attempts to mount fail with "device not 
configured" or somesuch
- dataloss on the device that chkdisk in DOS couldn't save

Basically, every possible bad behavior that you could ask from a USB 
connected drive has happened to me over time as I keep coming back and 
trying USB drives.  That's OK.  I'm not upset.  I'm not complaining.  I 
just want to know what to expect from USB drives in FreeBSD.

BTW, I love Poland!  My family hails from Poland several generations 
ago. I just watched you guys win gold in boat racing.  Robert Kubica is 
my favorite driver. I've also been keeping on eye on Poland in the world 
scene. Don't let "the bear" get you down. They have no cause to say the 
things they've said recently. I wish your country the best.


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