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Robin Becker robin at
Sat Aug 16 11:08:02 UTC 2008

OutBackDingo wrote:
> whats redirecting the requests to the apache server? is it on piublic or 
> private ip block ? whats it set to listen on IP wise ? what about a changed 
> netmask ?

The server is listening to a local ip address which hasn't changed eg 

The external IP address was changed as was the external name server and 
the netmask. Our local net is provided by an ethernet router that has 
been configured with the new external IP address in exactly the same way 
as the old one. I've just reviewed the settings again and both 
https(443) and http(80) appear to be NAT'd to 192.168.0.x which is both 
the http & https server. Https works & http doesn't. The external IP is
xxx.yyy.zzz.240 with netmask xxx.yyy.zzz.224 and gateway xxx.yyy.zzz.225
and I think that works. The dns server ip is setup in the gateway and it 
acts as both a dhcp server and static router.

When I connect from the lan side to http://xxx.yyy.zzz.240 it seems to 
work fine. From outside it fails.

> On Saturday 16 August 2008 15:55:11 Robin Becker wrote:
>> After a recent change of ISP and hence our external IP address I find
>> that our FreeBSD 6.1 apache http server appears to be invisible from
>> outside our site. Port 80 requests just seem to hang whether done via a
>> dns lookup or using the ip address. Checking the logs seems to indicate
>> that no requests now arrive, but that we have seen some external
>> requests since the ISP changed.
>> The https/sshd/mysql etc servers are still visible externally and the
>> http server is visible on its local address and if you visit the
>> external address from inside the network.
>> I suspect that either I've still got some misconfiguration on the
>> server, gateway or or dns(although this seems less likely).
>> Alternatively the ISP might have some other block in place.
>> I've looked for the old IP address in /etc and found no usages the
>> gateway appears to be correctly set up.
>> What tests can I do internally/externally to see what happens to my port
>> 80 packets?
Robin Becker

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