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On Fri, 15 Aug 2008 09:09:01 +0200
jdd sur free <jdanield at> wrote:

> Hello :-)
> I'm new to freeBSD, so forgive me if my question is boring :-(

Welcome jjd!
> so then, my question: what about security updates? with openSUSE I 
> have an automatic update. For freeBSD, I didn't find anything on this 
> archive list and the google search sent me to old doc (2003)

Kernel + Base :
If you use the GENERIC kernel, freebsd-update will work great. It is part of the 7.x series, man freebsd-update :)

in pre-7 versions, i think you could install it from ports.

If you are past GENERIC, then you should read 

Ports : 
you should read

Good luck,
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