Dial Up-connection setting in FreeBSD

Gonzalo Nemmi gnemmi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 06:03:47 UTC 2008

On Friday 15 August 2008 01:42:49 dhaneshk k wrote:
>                    Hi People ;
>  How can I configure a dialup connection for my FreeBSD7.0 (IBMT43-ThinkPad
> machine with Gnome2.20). which is the file /GUI application  for
> configuring a dial up conection in FreeBSD. Thanks in advance for you
> valuable hints /tips .
> Thank you all
> Dhanesh.

Hello Danesh :)

Have you tried this?

(btw: bookmark Dru's "FreeBSD Basic Column" ... 
http://www.onlamp.com/pub/ct/15 .. you'll find almost every answer you might 
be looking for, or a hint, or a pointer to it .. ;) )

And in case that article doesn't solve your problem, you still have this one:

Hope those docs solve your problem :)
Gonzalo Nemmi

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